EP008 90-Second Book Review: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

EP008 90-Second Book Review: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown


Hello, this is Dee, I am The Introverted Advocate. Hold on tight. This is my 90-second sound bite.   Let’s get started.

Here’s a 90-second reminder. My Book Review of Daring Greatly is published on my website, The Introverted Advocate.com.

Dr. Brene Brown’s research is the foundation of extraordinary findings of how wholehearted folks live, work, and play in the world. Connection is a key theme, but so as showing up and being seen. This book awakened me to many things about myself and others and how we interact in our world together.

If you are seeking to understand yourself and to discover new things about your world, this book will guide you. It’s a marvelous teaching tool. I highly recommend it. Why? Because through this book I found my true purpose of advocacy. I am so grateful for Dr. Brene Brown’s research and her life’s work.

So take a peek at my book review under the resources section of my website. Thank you for tuning into my podcast – where kindness is the theme and advocacy is the action.

Until next time, this is Dee, The Introverted Advocate.