I believe we are all advocates…and here is why I say this:

Every act of kindness, large or small, is the cornerstone of this concept known as advocacy.

Each of us has the capacity to give and receive kindness. In my opinion, this ever-present energy provides a unique and universal understanding of the importance of looking out for one another.

For one day, I may need your kindness. And then perhaps another day, you may need it from someone else.

Thankfully, there is no need for formal training or education — our kindness is already a part of who we are. We access our inner kindness when we notice someone in need — then we rise up and offer support in the manner we are able.

Being aware that we may on any day show up and offer wholehearted courtesy to someone or to some cause — well, that is the first step.

With eyes wide open and hearts filled with compassion, let’s advocate for a kinder, loving world.

Kindness changes everything!

Advocating with all my heart,

Dee Bolemon