Nutrition never looked so beautiful. Plant-based cooking packs a powerhouse punch for health and wellness.  Within these recipes, you will find a path to reducing illness and creating a more vibrant you.

Author:               Kris Carr

Book:                  Crazy Sexy Kitchen: 150 Plant-Powered Recipes

Published:          2012

Pages:                 286 pages


Look, I’m just going to say:  Kris Carr is a Wellness Revolutionary.

If you want to live a Life of Wellness and Joy, with the subsequent happy moods and energy that follow, please get your paws on this book!  There are many reasons that millions follow Kris Carr’s advice on nutrition and food.

Here are a few reasons:

  • Kris received a medical diagnosis in her young adult life. She did not give up until she found a path to thriving with a non-curable disease. The path, quite simply, is plant-based nutrition.
  • Kris exudes all the qualities we look for in a best friend: honest, authentic, wise, empathetic (and a wicked sense of humor).
  • Her book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, is a goldmine of tips, knowledge, and insights that will transform even kitchen rookies like me into Cuisine Ninjas (well, I’m working on it… really, I am).

If you are in a meal-planning rut, these recipes will expand your horizons. If you need a healthier plan to overcome an illness, these delicious recipes are here to provide total nutrients.

Within this book, you will find ingredients that will light up your spirit. My mind is more clear when I eat my veggies!   (I mean, seriously, who knew there were so many delicious fruits and veggies with such kick-butt nutrition power?)

Whether you are a rookie in the kitchen or an experienced cuisine creator, you will find surprises within the pages of this book. There is something for everyone!

I could wax poetic all day long about how Kris’ advice and generous spirit has helped me.

So, I’ll close by saying this:

Kris Carr, thank you for shining your light so I could find my path to a healthier me!