Author:               Dr. Brene Brown

Book:                  Daring Greatly

Published:          2012

Pages:                  287

This book! Seriously! This book!

During 2014, my personal life was in turmoil. My hearing loss diagnosis from November 2013 turned my life upside down, shredded it sideways, and then for good measure, it heaped on quiet desperation.

I was in a funk. I was confused. I was seeking answers. I was in a vulnerability whirlwind.

The universe intervened. I ran across a TEDx Houston presentation on YouTube.  OMG!

Dr. Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability and shame was so intriguing that I watched it five times in two weeks. Yes, I took notes. Yes, I put the video on pause, so I could let her messages sink in.

Over 35 million YouTube views of Brene’s talk (as of 7/27/18).

Thirsting for more insights from Brene, I purchased her book: Daring Greatly.  Wow, Oh, Wow!

Reading Brene’s book was one revelation after another. Much of it I understood immediately.

But when she listed her Top Ten Guideposts to Live Wholehearted, well… I knew I had some work to do.  And working on myself became a top priority. So grateful to have had this wake-up call.

My life can now be bookmarked as “Before” I Read Brene Brown and “After” I Read Brene Brown.

Her topics of vulnerability and shame resonate around the globe. It’s a common thread in humanity.

She has 502,000 followers on Twitter and 1,315,860 people follow Brene on Facebook (as of 7/27/18).

This is a big deal, folks. Truly a big flipping deal. Reading “Daring Greatly” will open your imagination to new heights as you process the “how and why” of your life. And you may find you have a courage deep down inside that was dying to get out from under that shadow of your past.

I suggest that everyone watch her TED talks and read this book. Brene gives us permission to enter the arena and give it our best shot – whatever your arena, don’t let opportunities slip by.

As Brene says so confidently: “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”

Enough said.