A true story of a real piglet who found a family, love and cupcakes.

Authors:            Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter

Book:                  Esther the Wonder Pig

Published:          2016

Pages:                 212

Ever had that feeling where you REALLY wanted to bring an animal home and make them part of your family, but logic rudely invited itself to the decision. But your heart screamed “Yes!” and you were torn on what to do?

For some folks, that encounter or daydream may have been a horse or another animal not usually adopted by folks with a small home with a small backyard.

Can you relate to that?

Well, two kind-hearted guys named Steve and Derek have a real-life story where this plays out in the most outrageous of ways.

It started when Steve agreed to adopt a mini-pig who needed a home. And the story evolves and weaves and gains momentum until the plot thickens and this family is a global sensation.

A beloved global sensation.

Make no mistake, this family of two Dads and their adopted loved ones will melt your heart. (I won’t mention the outlandish and totally hilarious social media posts that leave folks laughing until their sides hurt.)

This book details the daily chaos too funny and too outrageous to have been falsely concocted.

Truth, is indeed, stranger than fiction. And Esther the Wonder Pig is proof that when wholehearted men are involved, the ending of the story will be anything but predictable.

Steve and Derek, may you one day truly know how much we love you and your family.  May you never run out of cupcakes and may all your dreams come true.