Folks are reversing their illnesses (including heart disease) by following a plant-based diet.  Dr. Greger provides evidence regarding “how not to die” from the most common diseases afflicting millions of people.

Author:             Michael Greger, M.D.

Book:                  How Not to Die:  Discover Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease

Published:          2015

Pages:                 562

Dr. Greger’s childhood story reveals his motivation to be a plant-based nutrition doctor. As a youth, he watched his grandmother reverse her own heart disease.

Having given up on her recovery, her doctors sent her home to die. Refusing this prognosis, Dr. Greger’s grandmother embarked on a plant-based diet detailed during a TV show. The rest is history, as she was still alive when her young grandson, Dr. Greger, graduated from medical school.

Intrigued by his work, I drove 50 miles after my day job to sit front row at his presentation at a Cocoa venue. There was a buzz of excitement as we filled every seat in the house.

Dr. Greger does not disappoint.  There I was, just 20 feet away – I could see each little gesture.  He is truly a funny guy. But more than that, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of a healthy lifestyle via Mother Nature’s bounty.

Veggies are not always the “topic of choice” among many folks, but Dr. Greger has the power of persuasion.

Well, persuasion…and the power of science and research evidence to back up his every story.

Dr. Greger reviews and analyzes evidence-based research conducted around the world.  He investigates the findings from credible medical studies that did not rely on corporate funds that would sway or corrupt the studies.

He uses independent studies — with nothing to gain from consumers.

His book, How Not to Die, details the “Top Fifteen Diseases” of most humans.

And to counteract disease, he explains why a “plant-based” diet can reverse these diseasesWOW! 

If this sounds to good to be true, do a quick Google search.  Or you could read Dr. Greger’s book, as he has done the heavy lifting and sorted it out into manageable chapters. Click here for his web site:

This doctor is a rock star in my book. All books profits go to charity.  He doesn’t gain from this book. It is his gift to humanity – a healthier humanity.

Thank you, Dr. Michael Greger!  Many of us literally owe our healthy hearts to you.

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