Debra Ruh is a kindhearted and wise advocate-guru who is leading the way in changing the world. Her book speaks directly to corporations, organizations and small businesses on the power of employing those of us with disabilities.

Author:               Debra Ruh, Founder and CEO of Ruh Global Communications

Book:                  Tapping into Hidden Capital:  How Leading Global Companies Improve                                  Their Bottom Line by Employing Persons with Disabilities

Published:          2016

Pages:                 124

For Debra Ruh, advocacy is personal. Debra was inspired when her daughter, Sara, was born with Down Syndrome. Eventually, Mom and daughter teamed up to advocate on the world stage. Dynamic Duo!

When Debra “appeared on my radar” via Twitter, it became apparent I needed to reach out. As a rookie advocate speaking up for folks with hearing loss, I was determined to learn from Debra.

And I must make this point right here:  Debra was gracious to respond to my inquiries and my request for a little moral support. She retweeted my earliest Tweets – thus giving me confidence to continue my efforts. When this book was published in 2016, I ordered it right away.

About her book:  Debra illustrates that folks with disabilities often struggle to find employers who will provide reasonable accommodations.  In a sense, folks with disabilities feel invisible to the world.

However, Debra offers hope in her book as she showcases global organizations with mission statements to offer everyone respect and consideration. The tide is slowing turning.

Chapter Four provides a roadmap of nineteen key ideas for creating a culture of inclusion.

(Gee, I hope that folks in management read Debra’s book!)

Worldwide, fifteen percent of us have a disability.  

One billion loved ones: kids, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, co-workers, neighbors, nephews, nieces… every family is affected at some point.

Debra’s book includes a broad range of statistics and research to enlighten us on the real story.

My request: If you are in human resources, training or management, please read this book. You and your company will find great value when you include folks of all abilities.

Thank you, Debra! Your continuing efforts and work around the world are making a difference! Brava!