The real stories inside this book will grab your heart. Get ready to laugh and cry.

Quite an adventure at Catskill Animal Sanctuary as told by the founder, Kathy Stevens.

Author:               Kathy Stevens

Book:                  Where the Blind Horse Sings: Love and Healing at an Animal Sanctuary

Published:          2009

Pages:                 204 pages (paperback)

The cast of characters in this book will take your breath away. They will make you laugh and they will make you cry. This true story of Catskill Animal Sanctuary is as soul-shifting as they come.

Kathy Stevens founded the sanctuary in 2001. She credits the rescued farmed animals for her ever-growing understanding of the animal kingdom. When you share a sanctuary with hundreds of animals, you are certain to have life-changing experiences.

All sentient creatures feel joy, love, happiness, and pain.

All sentient animals like to snuggle (in their own way).

All animals communicate (in their own way).

All animals have families – just like you and me.

Kathy reveals the mission of all dedicated animal lovers:  To one day secure a good life for all living creatures: humans, companion animals, farmed animals, marine animals, birds, and all others.

Farmed animals are just as goofy, loyal and unique as the companion animals we so dearly love.

And after reading this glorious story of Catskill Animal Sanctuary, I see clearly “the truths” about farmed animals and our misconceptions. My eyes are open now – wide open.

I now understand that a cow is a pig is a cat is a dog is a goat is a sheep is a chicken is a horse.

No difference. In all the ways that matter, there is no difference from one species to another.

This book will open your heart and soul.

And that’s a wonderful thing, for your heart will sing with joy – just like the blind horse, Buddy, when Kathy gained his trust and offered him a sanctuary where he may run free to his heart’s delight.

At Catskill Animal Sanctuary, dreams do come true.

Thank you, Kathy, for leading the way with your kindness, your compassion, and your beautiful soul.