If you or your loved one has hearing loss, please read this extraordinary biography by Gael Hannan.

Author:               Gael Hannan

Book:                  The Way I Hear It:  A Life with Hearing Loss

Published:          2015 

Pages:                 215

This book, published in 2015, changed the trajectory of my life.

A year and a half before, I struggled to establish coping mechanisms for living with hearing loss.

When I read Gael’s account of her childhood hearing loss, my heart both winced and then sighed with acknowledgment that I would survive. Finally, I realized I “could” thrive – a breakthrough emotion.

And believe me, this was no small shift of perspective. This was HUGE! This was life-changing.

I backed away from the abyss of dark silence.

I read Gael’s book during my lunch breaks at work. Little did I care if I broke into hysterical laughter in the breakroom, this book was too dang funny to stifle the belly laughs.

Hearing loss is not a funny subject. It can be quite debilitating. But gosh darn if Gael Hannan does not find a way to make you feel like she is right there with you. And you can laugh together via this book.

If you or someone you love has hearing loss, please do yourself a favor and read this book. Included within the 215 pages are insights into developing better communication skills – priceless advice!

Yup, she has experienced about every situation you could imagine and she graciously shares experiences (and lessons learned the hard way) in a unique and creative way. There is advice on how to travel with hearing loss and how to make a relationship work if your loved one cannot hear you. Parenting insights (hearing son with a non-hearing mom) and what to do if you misunderstand the marriage proposal spoken too softly. Bluffing like you “heard” the question is hazardous! Don’t do it!

It’s all here. All scenarios of day-to-day life are represented in all seriousness – with a splash of humor.

Trust me.  I felt all the emotions with my diagnosis of genetic hearing loss. So, when I say that this book turned my emotional turmoil into an incentive for “a greater purpose” (e.g. advocating) – believe it.

In the coming months, I will share excerpts and quotes from Gael’s book. The world needs this funny, quirky and thoughtful perspective.

Thank you, Gael! You are shining a friendly light, so we may find our way in this world full of silence.