EP021 My Christmas Wish for Our World

My Christmas Wish is that we bring compassion, love, and kindness to our daily lives. Let gratitude be our guide to sharing positive and kind energy with those around us. Let’s get off autopilot. Let’s share the goodness from within our hearts. It will change the world.

Duration: 8 minutes

Hello, welcome to my podcast. My name is Dee and I am The Introverted Advocate. The mission of my podcast is simply this – to create a kinder, more compassionate world through advocacy. I began advocating back in 2014 and I have a few stories I’d like to share. Advocating is like an adventure and it can be done from the comfort of your keyboard at home, or it could be an adventure of meeting new people, learning new skills, or finding out that the world is full of caring individuals who are ready to lend a hand or their heart when they see a need. I invite you to look around in your world and see who might need a little support and kindness. It could be one individual, it could be a group or a cause, it could be a community. Are you ready? All right, let’s get to it.

Hello everyone. So my Christmas wish for 2018 and moving into the new year is this. My wish is that we all understand that love and kindness and compassion… There is no limit – there’s not a finite supply of love and compassion and kindness. There’s so much to go around. Actually, there’s an abundance of this love and compassion and kindness …and since there is an abundance, we can share it with other people. We can share it with other living beings. We can share it with folks that we may have previously not regarded in any way and not thought about in any way.

There’s so much love and compassion and kindness in the world that my wish is that we open our eyes and we look in 360 degrees. I want you to turn around, all the way around. Keep your eyes open and you may see someone who needs a little bit of kindness in their day… Or you may see a group of people who need some support and let’s just keep this on our mind in 2019.

Just keep it there on your radar, and one day there might be an opportunity for you to even just do something really small. In your mind, it’s something small, but if you extend yourself out to help someone, you may change their day. You may actually change their life.

We don’t know actually when we engage with other people, even in a small superficial way, what seems to us to be just a quick encounter. You don’t know, but your positive feelings or your kind expression may get that person through a really tough day. And I speak from experience. On my podcast, I will not offer any suggestions or share stories that are are not true. I mean this all comes from my life and my heart. And I truly believe…

Can you imagine this planet? Seven billion people. If each and every one of us did something kind once a week, can you imagine how different the world would be?

Let’s think about that for a second. You know, I was on autopilot for quite a while. And we all do that periodically when life gets in the way, but you know, some years ago I realized I don’t want to be on autopilot for the rest of my life. I don’t want to be stuck in the same old, same old pattern of behavior, I want to expand my heart. I want to expand my mind. And I put some work into that. I sought out writers and trailblazers and mentors and speakers. I started just consuming all of their wisdom and all of their hope, and all of their kind invitations for me and everyone listening to them to step out of autopilot and look at what we have in our lives. And even if we’re having a rough year, we still have more than others,

So, let’s bring gratitude back to our daily lives because that’s the cornerstone.

If we have gratitude for what we do have or what we’re working to have, because I am working to be the best advocate that I can be, that’s plain and simple. My life goal right now is to be the best advocate I can be and I intend to grow every year. I intend to continue to reach out and ask questions to mentors to say, “I’m not quite sure what to do next. Do you have any thoughts on this?”

And I can tell you 2018 was my breakout year. This was the year that I did all of those things. I reached out to folks, I didn’t mind asking questions. Curiosity is my mainstay. That’s that’s how I learn.

So 2019 offers all of us this grand opportunity to have compassion and love and kindness on our radar every day.

And I’ll tell you, I’ve been in a bad mood some days and I have stopped myself and said, “Okay, you know what? When I go to that grocery store, I’m going to have a couple of nice words with the cashier. I’m just going to start a casual, nice conversation.”

And by the time I leave the store with my groceries, my mood is kind of perked up a little bit even though I was not in a very good mood when I walked in. It’s really that simple. We just have to be aware of, aware of our lives. Let’s get off of autopilot and let’s do that 360 degrees. I want you to turn around, go outside and look up and look at the trees and look around and see what’s going on. People living their lives just like you are, just like I am.

But the bottom line is my Christmas wish is that I hope we all share the goodness that is inside our hearts with other people so that they, in turn, may share the goodness that’s in their hearts with others.

What a world we will have.

So thank you for listening this year. I really appreciate your support. And I wish you a happy 2019. Okay, see you later. Bye.

So thank you for listening to my podcast where kindness is the theme and advocacy is the action. Until next time, this is The Introverted Advocate.