Wow. It’s been too long since I’ve posted here. When I launched in June 2018, I had no idea where this advocacy blog would go or how it might morph and evolve.

Well, I now have my answer: Current events.

Our nation. Our planet earth. You’ll see different topics and a variety of truths that might make some uncomfortable. But it will always be from my heart. And I strive to keep my blog anchored in kindness.

My podcast steams ahead with gusto. Since many folks skip podcasts, I now plan to post the transcripts here on My Stories (this blog). Since I spend a lot of time and energy creating my podcasts, it makes sense to share the written words with you here.

If you find my website, blog, and podcast interesting – please share it, as I’m building my platform for a larger project in the future. Your support is valued and appreciated. 

Thank you for reading.

Peace and kindness,