This video of Kathy Stevens presenting the truths of animal agriculture is one of the reasons I follow Kathy’s work so closely. She is able to articulate and present the hard truths while offering hope to the audience. If you wish to take your advocacy efforts to the next level, watch this video and take notes on how Kathy presents the facts. But the real gem is that Kathy is willing to show her emotions of sadness and gratitude.  It’s all there.  This is a powerful video. 

Please watch.  Thank you.

Kathy Stevens Speaks at the NYC Bar Association

The Animal Law Committee invited Kathy Stevens to speak about the impact of animal agriculture on animals, humans, and the planet. Along the way Kathy shares some of the life-altering lessons she’s learned in fifteen years of animal rescue and advocacy.


See more about Kathy on her sanctuary’s web site:  Catskill Animal Sanctuary