Meeting Tinsel the Cow

A funny thing happened to me at the barnyard yesterday.

I met Tinsel.

Tinsel is a two-thousand-pound dairy cow. As a newborn baby, he was taken away from his mama.

Young Tinsel was saved by a rescue group and then transported to the Rooterville Animal Sanctuary in Melrose, Florida. He is now thriving and very happy under the care of Elaine West, founder and director of this 30-acre sanctuary.

And I met him yesterday in his Field of Dreams – a big pasture that he shares with full-grown Holly, another discarded baby cow.

After watching and photographing Tinsel and Holly, I want to thank them. For my heart was wide open and now… so are my eyes.

“Eyes wide open” for the total truth of how all farmed animals are funny, smart and chock full of life.

“Thanks, Tinsel, for being so goofy about eating bananas!” You made me laugh like a six-year-old.

“Thanks, Tinsel, for being an ambassador to the world – you show us how extraordinary you are – just being you… with your personality, your intelligence and zest for life.”

To see for yourself, consider visiting Tinsel at the Rooterville Animal Sanctuary.

Or… from the comfort of your computer, see him at 

Wishing you a wonderful 2017.

And here’s to you, Tinsel – may your Field of Dreams be everything you wish it to be.

I’ll bring more bananas next time, dude.

With respect and love,