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Hearing Loops: Assistive Listening Technology "Oh, my goodness!" I said out loud. The sound startled me. And then I smiled. I had just experienced an induction hearing loop for the first time.  Wow! This was an emotional moment, as most of my life I’ve struggled to...

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Compassion is Making a Comeback!

Some of the most extraordinary folks I know are advocates. Their dedication, compassion, and wisdom inspire the world. Thank you, Kind Hearts. We see you. Please continue your quest to bring peace and love to the world. With much love and respect, Dee        ...

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Unexpected Superpowers

  My superpowers began to develop in kindergarten.  These superpowers may not be sanctioned or verified by any authority, but I assure you -- to me, they were and still are my superpowers. Why? Because at the age of 4-years-old, my genetic hearing loss began to affect...

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