Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Kathy Stevens is the Founder and Executive Director of Catskill Animal Sanctuary in New York.

Established in 2001, the property needed a lot of work before residents could arrive. Determination paid off and the sanctuary is a popular destination.

CAS is known for Camp Kindness for kids, the Compassionate Cuisine classes by vegan chefs and much more! 

Today, Catskill Animal Sanctuary is known throughout the world for its tagline:  “Love Spoken Here.”

Kathy has written two books about her experiences and the remarkable ambassador animals who charm each guest who visits. 

Esther the Wonder Pig

Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins are the proud Dads of the worldwide celebrity named Esther the Wonder Pig.  They live in Ontario, Canada.

They adopted her as a mini piglet, only to discover she was bred to be a farm pig and she’d not stay a mini piglet for much longer.

The love affair in this family has taken on epic proportions and the animal-loving world has fallen “head over hoof” for this goofy bunch of love bugs.

Steve and Derek are devoting their lives to spreading kindness through public speaking and their two awesome books. They built a sanctuary just for Esther and her friends of all kinds.

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P.S. Bring cupcakes.