People with Disabilities


My name is Dee, and I’m a podcaster and blogger.

What an adventure to create two very different projects – now merged together within this website.

Because I was a rookie, I’ve spent the last five months attending Meetup events, reading tutorials, and watching YouTube videos on podcasting and blogging.

Fantastically-awesome five months of creative mojo!

In my spare time, I like to camp in my teardrop camper. I enjoy reading non-fiction books and learning more about myself and the world.

I plan to visit an animal sanctuary in New York this year.  Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. And I plan my travels based on the locations of vegan cafes.

In the last 4 or 5 years, I’ve made an effort to hone my kitchen skills… well, I’ve learned the basics and I aspire to be a Cuisine Ninja one day.  LOL.  Hey, work in progress okay?

I don’t have cable or paid TV channels, but every so often I’ll get Netflix for one month just to watch my favorite documentaries. 

So that’s a bit about me. Just wanted to introduce myself.

Oh, I almost forgot!

Yeah, I have a disability.

My ears are a bit wonky and often I speech read to understand what you are saying. But you are okay with that I hope?  (You won’t even know I am doing it…it’s just a natural part of my listening skills.)

If you don’t mind going to a quieter coffee shop instead of the big noisy restaurants – that would be great. And if we could use the captions when we watch TV at your home — that helps me a lot!

Having a disability is just one small part of my big life. It’s not my identity.  But sometimes I do need a little technical assistance. I wear two high-tech hearing aids and I installed a hearing loop in my living room.

I  will always focus on your words in order to stay in the conversation – if you could please face me so I can see you as you talk. Actually, isn’t that common courtesy anyway? We enjoy conversations more when we are both fully-engaged and listening attentively.  

So is that cool with you? You don’t mind my wonky hearing loss, right?


It’s so good to be alive, isn’t it?

Disability hiccups and glitches be darned.

Take care! See you ‘round.

Dee Bolemon

June 2018