Hi everyone. This should not have to be said, yet I will say it:  We are one humanity.

Every human being walks this earth as a living, breathing individual. We should honor and respect each other.

And yet, our American history is a sad one. Our country’s history is shameful.

Not many of us are experts on American history. Why is that? Probably because those in power did not want us to see the real experience of the Black community throughout the last hundreds of years.

Yes, for hundreds of years in our country, the powers that be did not want us to see the cruelty, the oppression, the death. White communities lived free. The black community did not.

Today, we are living a pivotal moment in time. Now is the time to educate ourselves. Now is the time to be guided by our kind hearts and our open minds.

No longer should we be willfully ignorant of the fact that America is not really the land of the free.

I hope that you will listen, learn, and listen some more to the black leaders who are sharing truths.

I hope that you will read their books, watch their videos, and share their social media posts – all this to help our nation rise up and provide equality and justice for all.

This is our moment. The question is:  Will we be courageous enough to do the work.

In my opinion, our humanity depends on it.


**Transcript of my podcast on June 4, 2020 Episode 049**