Podcast by Dee

Sharing our stories connects us with one another.

EP001:  The Firehouse

Duration:  4:33 Minutes


I’d like to open my first podcast with a childhood memory that has endured in my heart for over 50 years. Yes, this is a memory from kindergarten — and it is the cornerstone for why kindness and advocacy are core values in my life.

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EP002:  Friday Nights

Duration: 7:17 Minutes

Every Friday night for 8 years, I played outfield for an adult co-ed softball team.  It began when a friend called me up, out of the blue, to say they needed a woman to equalize the number of male and female players on the field.

He said, “I recall you were a pretty good ball player. Would you like to play?”

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Thank you, Mr. Shoe Cobbler

Duration:  6:17 Minutes

During this process of creating my new podcast, I recalled a memory from kindergarten.

It was the summer before my 5th birthday. My mom (who was 24) guided me across the downtown avenue into a small storefront.  As I recall from my child’s perspective, the small shop smelled strange.

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EP004:  Plot Twist

Duration: 20:06 Minutes

In the last three episodes, I introduced you to my early childhood. Obviously, I was a bit serious and introspective – even as a five-year-old. To be honest, I’m not sure if I was born that way or if my physical disability brought those personality traits to the forefront as a survival tactic.

In hindsight, those traits became necessary.

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EP005:  And So It Begins

Duration: 5:41 Minutes

You may wonder why I advocate.

This is a huge question. And I have answers.

But first, let me say this:

  1. The mission of my podcast is to illustrate how and why I became an advocate.
  2. Through my personal stories, I will show how advocacy has changed me as a person.
  3. Another goal is to shine a spotlight on people who have inspired me along the way.


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EP006:  My First Tweet

Duration: 10:22 Minutes

It was a hot summer day in 2014. After months of brainstorming ways to advocate for folks with hearing loss, I was ready to take a big leap.

But as an introvert, reaching out to strangers was unnerving. A bit daunting for sure.

Just to be clear, I’m usually fine with one-on-one interactions. Small talk can be tedious for introverts, but if the topic of conversation is something we adore, we could talk your ears off….All.Week.Long.

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EP007:  My Conversation with Chef Jenn of DaJen Eats Cafe

Duration: 32:09 Minutes

My good friend, Jenn, has a new vegan cafe in Eatonville, Florida. We sat down to chat about many things. This 32-minute episode was delightful to record with Jenn.  Enjoy!

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EP009:  Start Small, Then Think Big!

Duration: 7:55 Minutes

Start small.

And then… Think Big.

Has advocacy been on your mind?

Does advocacy seem like a good way to make your contribution to the world?

Does the first step of advocating seem too big to tackle?

I get that. I really do.

I mean how to get started? Advocacy seems like what other brave folks do.

Advocacy appears to require knowledge and networking and information.

And that’s an accurate component of advocacy.

But here’s the wonderful thing.

You can make Your advocacy what You want it to be.

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EP010:  Trailblazers, Mentors and Social Change Leaders

Duration: 4:45 Minutes

So, I’d like to reflect on what it takes to be a trailblazer, a mentor or a social change leader.

For 7 years, I’ve followed the work of individuals whose courage, wisdom and leadership have inspired me. And here are my reflections of these people.

They work at it. They persevere. They walk the talk — Every Dang Day.

These are individuals with their own backstories, their own struggles, and their own hard-earned wisdom.

These folks listened to their hearts. Through hard work, they found their respective calling in life. Now, this is not for the faint of heart, as the path is often treacherous with uncertainty and difficulties.  But they prevailed in their discovery.


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EP011: The Wonderment of Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Duration: 9:40 Minutes

This is a true story. I say this because there are parts that feel like a dream.

Recently I returned from Catskill Animal Sanctuary in New York state.

My memories still fresh, I recall little details that make me smile.

So, I open this podcast with “This is a true story.” Because it is.

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EP012: My Conversation with Kaden of Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Duration: 11:26 Minutes

While vacationing at the Homestead B&B at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, I booked a tour to get a close-up experience with some of the animals. Kaden was my tour guide. His knowledge and compassion impressed me.

The next day, I asked Kaden if he would join me for a 10-minute chat.

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EP013:  VegFest of Central Florida

Duration:  11:57 Minutes

Enjoyed my day at the Central Florida VegFest.  It is my three-year anniversary of launching my vegan advocacy. I reflect on folks who helped me find my courage to advocate. After this 2018 VegFest, I am so stoked for the future of plant-based living. What a great community in this global social-change movement.

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EP014:  Marc S. Wood:  The Power of Plant-Based Living

Duration: 20:11 Minutes

Here’s my chat with Marc S. Wood who is a Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist. Marc studied at Cornell University (taking the  T. Colin Campbell nutrition course). He earned his Family Health Coaching Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. This was a delightful chat. You may find Marc at http://marcswood.com/


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EP015:  90-Second Sound Bite:  Find Your Tribe

Duration: 2 Minutes

I saw a social media post by Glennon Doyle that took my breath away.

Here goes, as I quote Glennon now:

“Two questions folks ask me the most. How do I find my purpose? How do I find my tribe?”


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EP016: Little Leo is Blind and Deaf    

Duration:  12:53 minutes

I admit it.  This was my strangest purchase ever on Amazon. It was a bit of an impulse.

But in my defense, I have one of these in my home, so I knew exactly what I was buying.

Uh, yeah… (clears throat) … I purchased an assistive listening device for a blind and deaf baby goat.

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EP017: Two Sisters Talk Thanksgiving Food  

Duration:  5:00 minutes

Happy Thanksgiving!

My sister, once again, made “vegan versions” of our favorite family dishes. Wow! Deliciousness. Thank you, sweet sister!

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EP018: Wow! Hearing Loops!  

Duration:  10:00 minutes

Okay, this episode is very important to me. It’s been on my mind for a couple of years.

But first, I need to ask YOU a question. It is a bit personal. You ready?

Yes? Are you sure? Because once I ask, you won’t be able to “un-hear” it?

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EP019: The Power of Kindness 

Duration:  10:00 minutes

The Power of Kindness. Every human being is born with the capacity to be kindhearted.

At our core, we humans need the warmth of a friendly gesture from those around us.

Our lives are centered around feelings. We are not thinkers who feel. We are feeling beings who think.

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EP020 Meet the Sheep 

Duration:  10:00 minutes

During my visit to Catskill Animal Sanctuary, I had a chance encounter with the Underfoot Family of Sheep. This is one of my favorite field recordings from September.

You should visit:  CASanctuary.org 

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EP021 My Christmas Wish for Our World

Duration:  8:00 minutes

My Christmas Wish is that we bring compassion, love, and kindness to our daily lives. Let gratitude be our guide to sharing positive and kind energy with those around us. Let’s get off autopilot. Let’s share the goodness from within our hearts. It will change the world.

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EP022 Find Your Creative Groove by Advocating 

Duration:  4:32 Minutes

What a year!

It seems fitting that this was my fifth year as an advocate. I increased my efforts each year for five years. This year, I took the biggest leap of all: I started my podcast and blog. This creative effort required several things of me: Be brave. Use my talents and skills. Speak my truths.

And oh, what a glorious and magnificent feeling this is!  I wish you could feel the gratitude in my heart.  Oh, wait! But you could!

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EP023 Advocacy Toolkit for Skills and Strategies  

Duration:  7 Minutes

While researching the topic of advocacy last year, I ran across a 190-page toolkit produced by an organization called Disability Rights Wisconsin. You may download it for FREE!

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EP024 Cube of Truth in Orlando  

Duration: 17 Minutes

Hello everyone, so as an animal lover and now an advocate for animal rights, I’ve always been interested in the peaceful protest and the street activism on behalf of animals. However, as an introvert, that is not a place where I am comfortable participating in street activism, but I’d like to share with you a group called Anonymous for the Voiceless – and you may find them on social media.

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EP025 Michael Harren: Musician, Artist, Podcaster, Vegan  

Duration: 31 Minutes

Delighted to have Michael Harren on my show. He is a multi-media artist, musician, podcaster, vegan and animal advocate. His book, The Animal Book, is a wonderful introduction to advocacy. His Mikeypod podcast is a delightful collection of diverse and compassionate folks who are helping to make our world a better place. 

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EP026 Catskill Animal Sanctuary: Love Spoken Here  

Duration: 21 Minutes


Animals. Let’s visit with the animals!

Come with me and I’ll introduce you to the big family of rescued-farmed animals of Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Located in the Hudson Valley of New York, rolling hills and 148 acres are the backdrops for over 300 rescued animals who live here surrounded by love, safety, and friendship.  I saw it for myself in 2018. This place is real. This is a healing place.


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EP027 Listen Up, Introverts!  

Duration: 5 Minutes

Recently while Googling Susan Cain, who is the well-known expert on Introverts, I found her interview by Tim Ferriss (his podcast episode 357). I was enthralled by the questions Tim and Susan ask each other about their own Introversion. This is a fascinating hour and a half long conversation. Very helpful for both men and women to hear how others handle living in an extroverted world. Also excellent discussion about their writing process and their individual strategies.

Listen and Read here:

EP028 Saving Baby Birds

Duration: 13 Minutes

This is a story about compassion for our feathered friends.  As a child, I sat by my grandmom as she taught me about songbirds. She would say: “Listen, Dee… that’s a cardinal.” And she sang back to the birds as they visited her South Carolina yard. Bird lovers know how extraordinary and intelligent our winged friends are. This story comes from my heart – forged from the gratitude of many precious years with grandmom.

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EP032 My One-Year Anniversary

Duration:  5 minutes

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EP034 Your One Wild and Precious Life

Duration: 6 minutes

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EP035 Book Review: QUIET by Susan Cain

Duration:  8 minutes

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EP036 Kathy Stevens: Founder of Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Duration: 15 minutes

Listen Here:

Kathy Stevens founded Catskill Animal Sanctuary in 2001. Kathy is a global social change leader and Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a Compassion Catalyst. This is my 10-minute conversation with Kathy. 

I am forever changed by this kind and generous woman.

Check out her podcast“All Beings Considered.”

Also, follow events and news at CASanctuary.org



EP037 Top 5 Reasons I Adore The Homestead Inn in NY

Duration: 15 minutes

Listen Here:

Sometimes we are lucky to find a place that offers a beautiful, peaceful retreat from our busy lives. The Homestead Inn at Catskill Animal Sanctuary is where I go to reset, restore, and rejuvenate my energy.

Located in Upstate New York, the Homestead Inn is comfortable, charming, and convenient to the Catskill Mountains and Hudson River.

EP038 Chef Linda Soper-Kolton: Director of Compassionate Cuisine

Duration: 36 minutes

Listen Here:

Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Upstate New York offers a vegan program called Compassionate Cuisine.

Chef Linda Soper-Kolton is the director of this educational platform that presents cooking classes, tasting events, and seasonal offerings.

Linda is a delight as she shares the many steps of self-growth that led to this exciting adventure at the sanctuary. A self-professed introvert, Linda reveals how she offers nutritious plant-based food as a heartfelt way to connect with others.

The sanctuary’s new vegan cookbook is now available for purchase at CASanctuary.org.