If you enjoy writing or journaling or penning a poem or two, please keep at it!  I wrote this in 2011 after the words continued to swirl around in my head after bike rides. One day the words just poured on to the page. It took less than 10 minutes to write this.  I’m astonished how writing gets easier (and harder) with practice. Just keep writing. 

The Virtues of Slo-Mo

Rolling along the densely-shaded path at 12 miles per hour is a glorious thing.

At that speed, you feel the rush of air in your ears, yet you are moving slow enough to enjoy every moment.

The songbirds in the trees – there’s always at least one show off.

The black snake that just crossed in front of your wheel – he cut that a bit close.

The two black cats – one at the beginning of your ride, the other on a fence near the end.  Both beautiful.

The air whistles through your high-tech helmet. Your lungs pump in and out with ease.

Your wheels glide down the hill, and then your legs power you up the next one.

Perfect slow motion – riding down the path, yet time stands still.  Do you feel that smile come over your soul?

It’s the stillness and peace found only outside in the shade of beautiful trees.

It’s the fresh smells of new flowers and honeysuckle vines on the fence.

It’s the rays of light glimmering through the canopy of pine and oak.

It’s the symphonic roar as the wind picks up on a blustery spring afternoon.

The virtues of slo-mo on a bicycle are so many.  Looks like there are more rides ahead.

Must not take it for granted…. There’s more joy down this path!

Written by Dee in the Spring of 2011