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Introverts Are Awesome!


Susan Cain  — For my fellow Introverts! Check this out!

Article: Understanding the Introverts Around You

Article:  8 Signs You’re an Introvert


Knowledge is Power

FOR NEW ADVOCATES…   Find “Like-Minded Folks” within the community or cause you wish to serve!  It’s been a marvelous solution for introverted me! There are hundreds of categories from which to choose.





People with Disabilities


Dr. Juliette Sterkens   Audiologist working to foster hearing loops to benefit hearing aid & CI implant users

Gael Hannan   Hearing Loss Advocate, Writer, Speaker, Humorist

Debra Ruh    Debra is a global leader and has worked with countries, UN agencies, national and multi-national firms

Special Books by Special Kids    Chris Ulmer is a rock star in the Disability World. Please check out his work.

Lizzie Velasquez interviewed by Chris Ulmer   Bullied in high school, she’s now a well-known motivational speaker. Lizzie’s Web Page – Click Here!